Pure Massage Bliss provides therapeutic massage and bodywork for the enhancement of health


Pure Massage Bliss provides therapeutic massage and bodywork for the enhancement of health and well-being to health-minded individuals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with highly-trained and experienced staff in order to tailor a massage therapy treatment to your individual needs. The success of Pure Massage Bliss is built on trust, expertise, professionalism, consistency, and a personal touch that always puts the health and well-being of our clients first.


  1. Fast recovery from injury or illness! Bodywork assists the body in many ways to increase its natural ability to heal. It also boosts the immune system. Recovery time can often be cut in half and you are fast back on your way to good health.
  2. Improves posture! Massage can improve body posture by helping train muscles to be in the right position, improving their ability to support the bone structure of the body.
  3. Increases range of motion! Although flexibility decreases with age, it appears to be less in those who remain active on a daily basis. We mainly lose flexibility due to changes in the connective tissue in our bodies. While exercising and stretching does help delay the loss of flexibility, there are several different massage techniques that can help ease the conditions of joint flexibility and return the joint to its’ normal functioning.
  4. Prevents future injury and illness! Tense muscles pull on and tighten tendons and ligaments, cause rigidity, cut off circulation for proper metabolism, drain us of energy, and pull our body out of alignment. Unattended, this can eventually lead to a host of problems. Often this state of affairs goes unnoticed for a long time, until it is too late. We may move wrong and due to our imbalances and tightness hurt ourselves in ways that could have easily been prevented with a few massages. This neglect may cause us much grief, pain, and expensive visits to the doctor. Many chronic conditions might also be avoided with regular bodywork. One of the greatest benefits of massage you will never know about.
  5. Reduces Stress! Stress has been related to excess allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer? Studies have shown that massage reduces the levels of cortisol in the body which makes decrease stress levels. We all know that stress can affect hormonal activity and restrain the immune system. With your immune system down, you become more vulnerable to colds, flu and not to mention other more serious diseases like arthritis and cancer. Being stressed is also commonly known to lead to excessive smoking and alcohol abuse. A person who is dealing with stress will show signs of common systems like, stiff and sore muscles around the neck and shoulders, headaches, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Bodywork soothes nerves and tired muscles. It calms the body and helps relax the mind. Less stress means a longer quality life. Less stress means more energy. More energy frees you up to enjoy life more.
  6. Relaxation! Relax into that blissful state only those who have received a great massage know about. Massage stimulates blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to connective tissue and muscles, easing tension and muscle knots while soothing and lubricating overworked joints for increased flexibility.
  7. Relieves pain! Massage helps block nervous system pain receptors and increase blood flow to the muscles. It can reduce the pain of arthritis as it relieves and increases joint mobility, taking pressure off painful joints.
  8. Stimulates and detoxify the body! The lymph system is the bodys natural defense system against toxins and impurities. Massage stimulates the flow of toxic waste from muscles, organs and tissues for improved health and digestion.
  9. Success! Perform better in your life! A hi-tech society calls for hi-touch to counteract the stresses of a demanding schedule and the hassles of modern life. A more stress free existence boosts performance by allowing you to be more efficient and calm in the midst of your daily challenges. It is not just the athlete, who needs to keep the body in top shape to be a winner. Those who truly want to achieve high performance in their careers and/or personal lives need to take supremely good care of themselves. Good bodywork is a must for those who wish to achieve extraordinary results in their lives.